Law enforcement report

For Emergency assistance, dial 9-1-1. 

Reports can be made to the campus and local law enforcement agencies listed on this page. You have the right to request assistance when notifying law enforcement authorities or requesting an order of protection, no-contact order, restraining order, or other similar lawful orders issued by a criminal, civil, or tribal court. 

Request this assistance by contacting a confidential support service:

  • For sexual assault support:
    • Center for Survivors: (517) 355-3551
    • 24-hour hotline: (517) 375-6666
  • For relationship violence or stalking support:
    • MSU Safe Place: (517) 355-1100

Both resources offer advocates who can accompany you through the process of filing a criminal complaint and/or requesting an order of protection, civil no-contact order, restraining order, or other similar lawful order. 

Campus police

Michigan State University Police
(517) 355-2221
1120 Red Cedar Road

Community police

East Lansing Police Department
911 or (517) 351-4220
409 Park Lane, East Lansing

Meridian Township Police Department
911 or (517) 332-6526
5151 Marsh Road, Okemos

Bath Township Police Department
911 or (517) 641-6271
14480 Webster Road, Bath Township

Next steps

You are not required to speak to police or file a criminal complaint. If you report an incident to the university, you may be contacted by MSU police to determine if you wish to file a criminal complaint.

If you are contacted by police, it is not required that you speak to them. It is highly recommended so you can communicate your desired outcome, even if that is to request no involvement from law enforcement.

Information sharing

The MSU Police provide all victims of relationship violence and sexual misconduct with information about the OIE investigation process as well as information about available campus and community resources.

The MSU Police Department does not share with OIE personally identifiable information about reports of relationship violence or sexual misconduct it receives without the victim’s permission. The MSU Police Department does share information about ongoing investigations with the OIE to the extent that sharing such information will not interfere with law enforcement proceedings.

Evidence preservation

In order to assist in an investigation or in obtaining a personal protection order, individuals involved should preserve evidence whenever possible. Specific suggestions for preservation of evidence in cases of sexual assault can be found on the Center for Survivors website.

For cases involving relationship violence or stalking, contact MSU Safe Place at (517) 355-1100 or to speak with an advocate for support and guidance.

Individuals are encouraged to contact police or other advocacy resources in order to assist in the preservation of evidence.