MSU Resolution Office (RO)

The Resolution Office was created in 2019 to facilitate a fair and supportive hearing process following the conclusion of an OIE investigation as part of the RVSM and Title IX Policy. The hearing process, which is required by federal law, affords parties the opportunity to ask questions (through advisors) of other parties and witnesses in front of a neutral decision-maker (resolution officer).

RO trains all external resolution officers as well as university provided advisors. Through ongoing training and partnerships, RO has been able to decrease hearing timelines, increase supportive measures for all parties, and provide consistency to hearing process and outcomes.

During AY 2019-2020, the Resolution Office coordinated and oversaw 26 hearings. The average days between referral of an investigation to RO and the resolution officer’s decision is 67 days.

For more information, contact:

Katie Bylenga
Director of the Resolution Office & Deputy Title IX Coordinator
(517) 353-0548