Staff Directory

Office for Civil Rights and Title IX Education and Compliance

Phone: (517) 355-3960

Sarah Harebo Acting Associate Vice President 
Nicole Schmidtke Title IX Coordinator
Jenelle Austin Institutional Equity Coordinator
Rachel Bernardo Supportive Measures and Equity Coordinator
Chris Chapman Communications Manager
Cynthia Cotton Executive Secretary
Tom Fritz, PhD Director, Office of Support and Equity
Yousuf Ali Data Resource Analyst
Tracy Leahy Director, Office of the ADA Coordinator
Aislinn Sapp Equity Review Officer
Lauren Woodworth Executive Assistant to Sarah Harebo/Fiscal & HR Officer

Christie Provost-Perkins

Executive Staff Assistant

Resolution Office

Phone: (517) 353-0548

Katie Bylenga Director of the Resolution Office & Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Stephanie Kendrick Executive Secretary

Office of Institutional Equity

Phone: (517) 353-3922

Nicole Schmidtke Director of ADP Response & Investigations & Title VI Coordinator
Kelly Gallagher Interim Director of Investigations for RVSM
Erin Martin Director of Investigations for RVSM 
Griffin Dean Civil Rights Investigator 
Katusha Galitzine Senior Investigator
Joe Goings Case Manager
Heather Hazel Civil Rights Investigator 
Nicole Hoppes Civil Rights Investigator
Angela Jenks Executive Staff Assistant
Fatima Konare Student Clerical Assistant / (Case Manager)
Brandon Laninga Civil Rights Investigator
Kevin Lineberger Case Manager 
Brent Lockwood Senior Investigator
Kelli Malcolm Senior Investigator
Alison Nygard Interim Director of Intake 
Quincie Rush Case Manager 
Eugene Smith Case Manager 
Tyler Theel Civil Rights Investigator
Allison Towe Senior Investigator
Chloe Valentic Student Clerical Assistant

Prevention, Outreach, and Education Department

Phone: (517) 355-3865

Kelly Schweda Executive Director of the Prevention, Outreach, and Education Department
Matea Caluk Associate Director
Michael Allensworth Assistant Director
Alex Babbitt Peer Education Coordinator

Ulric Fuller Prevention Specialist
Jodie Goodman Prevention Specialist 
Aza Harlow Office Manager
LaShondra Hemphill Prevention Specialist
Garrett McAlister Prevention Specialist
Jay Miller Online Education Specialist
Melissa Wagner Prevention Specialist
Lydia Weiss Climate & Response Program Administrator
Vicki Wicks Executive Secretary