File a report

All individuals are encouraged to promptly report possible violations of MSU’s Anti-Discrimination Policy and Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct Policy to the university. In addition, all individuals are encouraged to report conduct that may also violate criminal law to both MSU Police and to local law enforcement. Reporting can aid in recovery and prevent future incidents.

Any MSU student, employee, or third party who seeks to make a complaint or report may:

If you are thinking of filing a report: 

  • You may pursue some or all of these steps at the same time.
  • You do not need to know whether you wish to request a particular course of action or outcome. 
  • You do not need to know how to label what happened. 
  • Choosing to make a complaint and deciding how to proceed after making the complaint can be a process that unfolds over time. 
  • Before or during this decision-making process, individuals are encouraged to seek support and information from a confidential resource. 

Online reporting

The Office of Institutional Equity accepts reports regarding any matters related to discrimination, harassment, sexual misconduct, relationship violence, and stalking. Individuals can report incidents to the Office of Institutional Equity by completing the online Public Incident Reporting Form or by calling, emailing, or visiting the OIE office.

Information sharing

The MSU Police Department and Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) independently investigate complaints of relationship violence and sexual misconduct.

OIE is required to notify the MSU Police of all reports it receives regarding sexual assaults, relationship violence, and stalking. This does not obligate you to talk to the police, and the choice about whether to participate in a law enforcement investigation remains with you.

MSU Police Department reports all incidents to OIE. The MSU Police Department shares information about ongoing investigations with the OIE to the extent that sharing such information will not interfere with law enforcement proceedings.