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The University uses the preponderance of the evidence standard to review allegations of violations of the Policy. This standard means that, in determining whether the Policy has been violated, OIE staff will assess whether, based on the evidence, it is more likely than not that the respondent engaged in the prohibited conduct. This standard is the same standard applied to all other student conduct matters at the University.


In an effort to support all individuals engaged in the University review and investigation process, resources are provided to the parties in resource guides made available in the information packets they receive and are also available at and Most of the resources listed are available at no cost.


Michigan State University’s Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct Policy prohibits retaliation against individuals who provide information to the University, bring forth a complaint, or who are asked to cooperate in an investigation. All individuals have a right to be protected from retaliation related to the information shared with the University.

If the party you represent is experiencing retaliation, they should contact OIE at (517) 353-3922 immediately so that we may address it promptly.

Additionally, federal civil rights laws, including Title IX, make it unlawful for the University to retaliate against an individual who brings concerns about possible civil rights violations to its attention. It is also unlawful for the University to retaliate against an individual (such as a witness) for participating in the complaint or investigation process.

If the University is made aware of retaliation against a claimant, witness, or respondent by other students, employees, or third parties, the University will immediately investigate to determine what has occurred. MSU will take strong responsive action if retaliation occurs.


MSU’s response to this report is independent of any criminal process. Claimants may pursue complaints with OIE and police simultaneously. Claimants also have the right to request assistance in notifying law enforcement authorities and the right to request an order of protection, no-contact order, restraining order, or other similar lawful orders issued by a criminal, civil, or tribal court.

The MSU Police Department and OIE independently investigate complaints of relationship violence and sexual misconduct. The Police investigate to determine whether there has been a violation of criminal laws. OIE investigates to determine whether there has been a violation of University policy. The investigations proceed concurrently, and the outcome of one investigation does not determine the outcome of the other investigation.

The MSU Police Department shares information about ongoing investigations with OIE to the extent that sharing such information will not interfere with law enforcement proceedings.


If your client is an individual with a disability and needs accommodation to fully participate in the complaint, investigation, or student conduct process, they should contact the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities at (517) 884-7273.

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Updated 06/09/2021