Supportive and Interim Measures

Supportive and interim measures are support services, non-disability related accommodations, and other forms of assistance offered to persons who may be affected by discrimination and/or harassment based on a protected category, relationship violence, or sexual misconduct. These measures may be available to any party, even if an individual chooses not to report to law enforcement or participate in an investigation through the Office for Civil Rights.

Supportive and interim measures that are reasonable and appropriate will be considered. These measures are not disciplinary and may not unreasonably burden another party. 

The Support and Equity Team (SET) coordinates supportive and interim measures in consultation with the Title IX Coordinator. For more information about supportive or interim measures, please contact the Support and Equity Team (SET) at*

*Please note that the Support and Equity Team (SET) is not a confidential resource and may be required to share information indicating potential violations of the RVSM & Title IX Policy with the Office for Institutional Equity.